The most delicious Glasshouse candles for winter

The most delicious Glasshouse candles for winter
One of our most beloved ranges at Canopy are our Glasshouse Candles.
For years people have come in looking for a very particular candle – maybe as part of a collection of gifts for mum, a last minute birthday-dash for a dear friend or something special for themselves, there is always a scent by Glasshouse that is exactly what they’re dreaming of.
Winter is no exception: and so we have pulled together some snuggly favourites for the cooler weather, to make these dreary days working from home or staying in a truly scrumptious experience!




A warm, luxurious smell that blends sweet vanilla and coffee flowers – this scent creates a subtle ambiance in any room it’s lit in!




This rich vanilla caramel favourite is what most people think of when they think of Glasshouse – there is no other fragrance quite like it, and it perfectly complements days when rain is falling, and life needs a little bit of depth and sweetness!




Arabian Nights is a woody, musky scent that has a base of oud. It is perfumed to smell like a wander through an exotic Souk, and it is made for nights when you have your girlfriends over for some wine and some cheese and some long, laughter-filled conversations.




Just between you and us, this fragrance (orchids & blood orange) used to be called ‘Manhattan - Little Black Dress’ – and the bold black rose and amber that anchor this candle make it our pick for the days when you need to feel a little bit glamorous.




Mouth-watering swirls of creamy vanilla ice cream, roasted almond-studded waffle cones and sticky salted caramelised popcorn make this candle one that is perfect for – you guessed it! – a night cuddled up on the couch with one of your favourite films. May we recommend Paddington II?




Lighter and fresher than all of our other recommendations on this list, this candle smells like a spring breeze – burn it after a deep-clean or a sheet change and you’ll feel like we’re on our way to warmer days. 


If candles aren’t your thing, try our range of Glasshouse diffusers; or, if you’d like to wear your favourite scent you can find our range of Glasshouse Perfumes here! If you’re already stocked up on all of your most beloved GH fragrances, have a look at our beautiful range of Circa Home products.

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