What Do You Do With An Idea - Anniversary Edition Book


Written by Kobi Yamada / Illustrated by Mae Besom

For a decade, ‘What Do You Do With an Idea?’ has been encouraging readers of all ages to nurture their most courageous dreams. Celebrate the ideas you’re bringing to the world with our special commemorative edition!

Featuring a new embossed foiled cover, additional art from illustrator Mae Besom, and an author’s note, this exclusive version is sure to win the hearts of new and longstanding ‘What Do You Do With an Idea?’ fans alike.

Everything you see around you was once an idea. What will your ideas become? The world is waiting to see what incredible things you will bring to life, and this empowering book is filled with inspiration to do just that.

  • Format: Hardcover
  • Size: 9”w x 10.75”h
  • Page Count: 36 pages